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Welcome to Writers Unite!

The internet's fastest growing social network for writers!

Welcome to Writers Unite! This social community was created for all types of creative people to log on and create a dynamic member profile, collaborate on projects, share your ideas and expertise – and, most importantly, connect with fellow members around the world.

Here, we use the word "writer" as a term for anyone who writes, published or not. You might be aspiring, working on something currently or looking for help on starting out - but you will always be welcome here.

As well as profiles, blogs, forums, groups and more - we also have a collection of Creative Writing courses. They are at affordable prices and all proceeds go to the maintenence costs of this site, so we can keep it running with all of our fantastic features.

Don't feel left out if you are a poet, a songwriter or an illustrator either - it's all part of the process, and we have a place for you here, too!

Well, what are you waiting for? Didn't I mention? Signing up for a standard membership is COMPLETELY FREE. We can't wait to see what you've got! Don't forget to check out the store for a fantastic collection of writer's resources too!

Featured articles:

How to treat your
setting with dignity
How to write effective
character descriptions
 Deep Point of View -
Using your character's voice

A lot of writers - young, old, expert or inexperienced - overlook the power of delving into describing their setting, because they think it is a tool exclusively for science fiction writers. That is not the case! more

What does your character look like? How much of that do you want to portray to the audience? This article will be talking about how you can get the essential points about more

Have you ever read over your work and noticed, to your despair, that your main character is really similar to yourself? Do you share the same virtues, fears and way of more

Also featured this month:

Valentine's day is almost upon us! Writer's Unite would like to let you know how much we appreciate you in this month of romance, so to celebrate, we have a special discount on our developmental editing package for ALL members of the site. The price is usually £1400, but from the 1st of February until the 29th, the discount is 75% off. That's 75%! Get this fantastic package now for just £350!

Visit the store today, select the Complete Editing Package and type in: "LOVE365"

You won't regret it! 


Courses - Creative Writing

We offer a variety of creative writing courses for everyone who would like to advance their knowledge in any given genre. All courses are open every month, so don't miss out - tickets are sold in the store, where you sign up and then are accepted into the course group on the starting date by the administrators.

All of these fantastic courses are at the seriously low price of £25 a week, for four week sessions. If you would like to know more, please check out the Courses FAQ page. 

Pictures by © meepoohfoto, Tanya Constantine, and phanlop88.

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